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Description of EveryCover(Smart Flip Cover)

☆★Essential smart cover app for flip cover, diary case user!★☆

Each time you open and close the smart cover, you don't need to press the power button.

EveryCover can turn on and off the screen detected by proximity sensor.

Support the covinience widget to turn on/off the service.


* Turning on or off the screen using sensor

* Support widget to turn on/off service

* Support ONLY "screen on" or "off" mode.

* Screen On/Off Delay Time

* Vibration-vibrate when the screen turns off

* landscape mode-Prevent screen off in landscape mode(game or watching movie).

* Pause during phone calls-Pausing service during phone call for minimize malfunction.

* Autostart

* Exclude App-To exclude selected apps from the service.

* Adv. features: Wi-Fi Off, Move to home screen, Headset mode etc...

* Gesture Mode- For NONE Case User.

  - It is the function that turns the screen on and off with hand signals at proximity sensor within the specific time.

* Eco-MODE(Battery-Saving)

  - Setting the service pause time for battery saving

  - ex)sleep time, Hour long meeting, class..etc..

* Service in NotificationBar-Avoid forced termination due to lack of resources

* Perfect fix the malfunction in version ICS 4.0.4

* Compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop.


* EveryCover does not support all devices because android versions and sensor of the device may vary.

  therefore By testing the free version you should check the normal operation before you purchase 'EveryCover unlocker'.

* Free version is no limited to all features, but Ads will pop up. (three times a day)


* Please email us if app has a bug. we will support quickly as soon as possible.

  (with your device, Android Version, and error contents.)


* Support Language: English, Korean

  Translate 'EveryCover' in your language.

  It would be helpful to people all over the world.

  If you want to join to the 'EveryCover' Translation Project,

  please send mail us to get the permission to access the files.


'EveryCover' is NOT collect any personal information.

* read phone status and identity - Pause during phone calls(No Personal Data)

* run at start - Autostart Service.

* control vibration - Vibration feature.

* prevent phone from sleeping - For Screen turned on.

* retrieve running apps - Exclude app feature.

* full network access/view network - Ads.

* conn/disconn from Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi On/Off feature

* (*IMPORTANT*) EveryCover must use device admin permission.

This permission must be used for the screen lock (screen off) function,

and Never access or collect personal information.

Device admin permission can be easily removed from the [App Settings] - [Disable Device

Admin] menu.

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APK Version 5.1
Compatibility Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Developer Luuaz
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